Jacaranda mimosifolia

Ten years ago, Peter van Rijssen came to visit Hochberg nursery and discussed a revolution in the Jacaranda. Jacaranda ' Bonsai Blue' was bred in Japan by Kiyoshi Sakai It is truly unique as it is the world’s first dwarf Jacaranda. It also flowers at an early age, years earlier than other Jacaranda. This small tree will become 175 cm tall and wide and has fern-like foliage and beautiful purple-blue colored flowers. In May, last year we participated in a very nice ceremony in the 'Hebrew university of Jerusalem'. We were honored to have Kim, Reinier and Peter van Rijssen and also Satoki Matsui from Plant Network. We all enjoyed the beautiful flowering of the Jacaranda 'Bonsai Blue' Boulevard. The trees were donated by Plantipp, Satoki Matsui and Hochberg Export Ornamental Plants Ltd. We are very proud that after ten years we are selling today thousands of Jacaranda 'Bonsai Blue' young plants to the USA and the EU. We are already working on the future!!!

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