Protected varieties

A wide range of protected varieties in open and private stock is part of the Hochberg product portfolio. Hochberg E.O. is offering a professional platform for the development of new varieties.

Hochberg EO Plants Ltd are proud to work with many of the leading breeders and plant agents from around the world including:

  • Bailey Nurseries
  • Fa. H.J.M. Kuijf
  • Genesis
  • Hortival
  • Lacebark inc Dr. Carl Whitcomb
  • Meiland
  • PlantHaven
  • Plantipp
  • Star Roses and plants
  • Van Vliet New Plants BV
Protected varieties

Hochberg offers to breeders the opportunity to trial early pre-commercial cultivars as an independent location for assessment. Cultivar evaluation including all the major parameters can be undertaken along with a realistic market appraisal for introduction.

Hochberg can be used as a base for private stock to be held securely and thus provide new stock or commercial quantities to nurseries around the world.

Hochberg can prepare stock levels and propagation in coordination with the breeder or their agent to ensure a rapid and effective introduction of the new plants once trialing is concluded or assist in a global trialing program before introduction.

Hochberg can increase the stock level and by agreement undertake commercial sales of the protected plants through their sales team in Europe and the USA.

Hochberg agree to charge and collect royalties on sales of plants if required for payment to the Licensor according to the licence agreed with the breeder/agent.

Confidentiality and security are a high priority at all times.

Hochberg developed a testing facility and a specialized software unit to manage the special demands for every protected variety.
To assure effective control for many protected varieties we are obliged to provide labels.
Hochberg E.O. is always willing to test, to develop, to build up a private stock of new varieties and to penetrate the market

Protected varieties