Hochberg Export Ornamental Plants in Italy

Matteo Rangi- Our agent in Italy

Hochberg in Italy has had relationships for more than 10 years. Matteo Ragni, who represents Hochberg in Italy, started collaborating in 2009. In recent years Omer and Matteo have traveled to Italy making commercial alliances both with the best companies in Pistoia but also in Puglia and Lombardy. Thanks to the wide range and excellent Italian crops, the Hochberg product is sold by Italian nurseries all over the world.

“When I saw their children start working with Omer and Edete I realized that the future of my work with the Hochberg family will only bear excellent results” – Matteo Ragni

Articles about us


Matteo is writing for a magazine in Italy about us, and also has a Blog that he update there a page about Hochberg- Photos, Article and more.