Judas tree, Redbud tree, Kill hakoresh tree, are all synonym for Cercis. This tree is mentioned in the holy bible and our second daughter, Klil is named after Cercis. You can understand that Cercis is the pride of our family. Twenty-two years ago, when we first met Hugh Povey (our agent from England) we were propagating Cercis 'Forest Pansy'. Hugh told me- "Omer our mission is to increase the range of our Cercis varieties". And this is what we have achieved. Years of effort in propagation and in developing close relations and partnerships with Cercis breeders around the world, got us to this point. Hochberg Export Ornamental Plants are offering today more than 30 different Cercis varieties, with different shapes, flower and foliage colors. We are confident that we are already looking at the future generations of Cercis cultivars for the next 15 years. We can promise you that Hochberg Export Ornamental Plants will continue and not stop to bring to the market new and exciting Cercis varieties. We love Cercis!

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